Challenge Feedback: Redirect Experiments

Your landing page is like the front yard of a house…when you want to sell your home, you start by making sure people want to walk in. Experimenting on the first thing visitors see is just as important, so understanding how redirect experiments work is vital. When you track clicks, you will set up your experiment to track clicks on the variation you’re editing within Optimizely, they will automatically track on the redirect. When you run a redirect experiment, to add your variation pages to your redirect, you will simply add their URL. Because of this, you will not be able to edit them directly in the Visual Editor.

Metrics from the original page will track along the redirect variation as long as long as they’re in close to the same place in the code. Code for all possible integrations isn’t included in every snippet because it would chew up bandwidth and slow load time. You will need to enable each separately. The snippet needs to be on both the original page and the redirect page.