Learn More: Set Up a Redirect Experiment

Set up redirect experiments

1. Set up Pages

When creating your redirect experiments, it's important to first set up the two Optimizely pages within your Optimizely account. These pages tell Optimizely where to run campaigns and experiments on your site. The reason you need to create the pages first is so that you can ensure that your metrics are tracked across both pages in your experiment.

You will need to create two Optimizely pages:

  • The original, where the experiment will run
  • A hybrid page that will target both the original and the redirect page with the same metric

To create your "original" Optimizely page, set up a Page by targeting the single page. This page will be where your visitors land (potentially to be redirected) and the only page included in the experiment.

After adding your first page, add the hybrid page with a slight modification. This page is for tracking metrics only and will not be included in the experiment. You will need to target both your original page ("atticandbutton.us/homepage") and the redirect URL ("atticandbutton.us/v2").

For Page Type, select A set of URLs.

2. Create a new experiment

  • Add a Page to tell Optimizely where the experiment will run. For a redirect, the URL usually points to your original homepage or landing page.
  • Add the Audience who will see your experiment.
  • Add the metrics you'll use to measure success.
  • Adjust the traffic allocation and distribution between your variations, if you like. The Original is your existing page Variation #1 is the new page you're comparing it to.
  • Click Create Experiment.

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