Learn More: How to QA an Experiment

Basic QA tools

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The Preview Tool is your first line of defense in Optimizely X. Use it to check visual changes and functionality without publishing your experiment or campaign.

The Preview Tool allows you to view all the experiments and campaigns on any page on your site; whether unpublished or live to visitors. You can check how your variations and experiences appear for different audiences and verify that events are firing correctly.


The Share Link feature helps you share specific variations with internal stakeholders.


Use the Cross-Browser Test feature to see how your visual changes look in different browsers and on different devices.

The learn more about the advanced QA tools available, check out our Knowledge Base.

Take Action: 

  • QA an experiment you created in your account.
  • Looking for more information? Read "QA an Experiment in Optimizely X" in our knowledge base.
  • Think about the steps your are going to take each time you create a new experiment to ensure the campaign is running properly, the variations appear when they should to who they should and that your events are being tracked.