What is the Performance Summary?

Near the top of the Results page is the Performance Summary, which shows you the high-level results for your experiment.

Here's what a Performance Summary might look like:

  • Unique Visitors: By default, you'll see the number of unique visitors who were exposed to your experiment.
  • Total Visitors: Click Totals to see the total number of visitors exposed to your experiment.
  • Days Running: How many days has the experiment been running and when it was started?
  • Variations and Goals: See how many visitors saw each variation, and how each variation performed compared to the baseline for your goals.

Optimizely’s Stats Engine calculates winners and losers based on the number of unique visitors who enter your experiment. This video explains how Optimizely counts each unique visitor.


This video shows you how to check if a variation won or lost, and how to compare your different variations.