AdRoll Optimizes Signups to Increase Lead Volume and Drive Sales Pipeline

AdRoll is a leading ad retargeting and prospecting platform with over 25,000 global customers. Their Growth team tests constantly to drive user acquisition and increased revenue for the business.

Their account creation form is a key conversion moment that they’re always striving to further optimize. In a recent experiment, they made a change that confirmed a valuable lesson: sometimes, when a visitor is ready to try out your product, less is more.

Adroll A/B Test

On the left, their original form had a number of product selling points next to the account creation form. They tested stripping away all of the elements except for the form, a straightforward headline, and two CTA options.

The change resulted in a 13% improvement in accounts created, or a seven-figure impact on revenue from the new leads they were able to generate with this optimized form.


Improvement in accounts created

Products Used

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At AdRoll, we depend on testing to drive customer growth—we'll test just about anything. Optimizely is a key lever in our strategy and ensures that we grow the footprint of our business as quickly as possible.
Peter Clark

Director of Growth

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