Testing Ensures More Impactful Website Redesign

Home24 optimizes for more online orders with minimalistic design

Home24 is Europe’s largest online furniture store: from furniture to lamps and home accessories, the brand offers customers more than 150,000 products from over 800 manufacturers. Headquartered in Berlin, Home24 also operates in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy—as well as Brazil, under the brand name Mobly—employing around 1,000 people globally.

Opportunity: Redesign Website to ensure more clicks and orders

As an online-only retailer, Home24 uses optimization to drive the critical clicks and conversions that contribute directly to the business’s bottom line.

When Home24 embarked on a comprehensive website redesign, they wanted to ensure the time, resources, and effort were well spent, and that the changes they made would ultimately help them achieve their key business goals: increasing homepage click-throughs and total orders made via the website.

Optimization played a critical role in this process. By testing to understand what changes would maximize conversions before building and deploying them, the team was able to focus their efforts on changes already proven to have a high-impact.

They started by focusing on the homepage – the primary entry point for most site visitors. The team tested and optimized key elements of the homepage, such as banner imagery, navigation, and search functionality to improve clicks and purchases.

Hypothesis: A Clearer Homepage Header Will Drive Engagement

The navigation menu and the search bar are two highly important elements on the Home24 homepage. Research showed that users who engaged with one of these two elements were more likely to make a purchase, so the team decided to focus there.

They hypothesized that a clearer homepage header would drive more engagement. Specifically, they believed lighter colors and a simplified menu would make the header appear less cluttered and more user-friendly.

Testing the homepage

The team used Optimizely to build and test two variations of the homepage against the original.

Variation 1 featured:

  1. A brighter header with a minimal reduction in the information included
  2. More appealing Shopping Cart icon
  3. A more prominent “Sale” menu item to guide visitors’ attention to current offers

Variation 2 featured:

  1. Further streamlining and reduction of content
  2. Icons used for the Customer Account and Customer Service elements instead of text


The results confirmed the team’s hypothesis. The most streamlined version (Variation 2) of the homepage increased use of search by 5% and total orders per session by 9%. Additionally, these lifts both contributing to a significant increase in overall orders, Home24’s primary business objective for the website redesign.

The original and the winning variation of the Home24 homepage

The original and the winning variation of the Home24 homepage.

Looking ahead

Home24 plans to continue using Optimizely to test revenue-driving elements of its web design. Next on the testing roadmap, the team plans to focus on the layout of the navigation elements as well as the fonts used. Unique selling points advertised for each product will also be tested.


Lift in Product Searches


More Orders per Session


Annual Revenue

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