optimizes a central part of their e-commerce experience

Increased usage of filters by 8% site-wide, a subsidiary of the Dutch Compare Group, is one of the largest product and price comparison websites in the Netherlands, with prices and reviews on over four million consumer products from 2600+ stores. Founded to help make purchasing decisions easier for customers, a straightforward and friendly user experience is central to their e-commerce site and is an important trademark of their brand. uses A/B testing to evaluate site enhancements and continually improve their overall user experience.

Using Optimizely to increase business agility

For, Optimizely has proven to be an extremely efficient way to make site improvements, as it saves them from relying on their IT team to build features and layouts that may never get implemented. According to User Experience Researcher, Inge Nachtegaal, “using Optimizely to A/B test features and site enhancements before making them live, saves us a lot of time and potential revenue loss if they turn out to not be working well.” puts a big emphasis on improving their user experience to increase their competitive advantage, and Optimizely is a central part of their strategy to drive that forward.

Optimizing the user experience

One area of their site where saw a marked improvement through testing was on their category pages. Nachtegaal found during routine usability testing on the category pages that respondents hardly ever used the filtering feature to narrow down the hundreds of products within each category. However, during the usability studies, users consistently asked questions to the Customer Support team that could easily be answered using the site filters.

Optimizely made it easy for to improve the experience on the category pages. Knowing that their target customer is impatient and to-the-point, in one experiment they changed the filter titles to use more friendly and straightforward language. They updated the wording on just two of the filters in every product category—Brand and Price. Instead of using “Brand” and “Price” as titles, they used simple questions: “What brand do you want?” and “What is your budget?”

The Results

By changing only the two titles to ‘friendlier’ language, saw an 8% increase in usage of the filters site-wide, and a 17.8% increase in “Brand” filter usage and a 22.3% increase in “Price” filter usage. The ‘friendlier’ filters made the user experience more self-service oriented.


In the original version, category filter options did not appeal to the visitor (left). By including 'friendlier' language (right), visitors noticed and used the filter option more to navigate the site, making the user experience more self-service oriented.

During usability tests, after the changes were implemented, also received unsolicited feedback that the new filters were more noticeable and made site navigation easier. By improving the overall site experience, is able to stand out amongst other comparison sites and increase their brand awareness. Nachtegaal and her team plan to continue using Optimizely to consistently make similar improvements across the site.

It’s great to test ideas before building them and have proof that something works or it doesn’t—we save a lot of time if an idea turns out to be a failure.
Inge Nachtegaal

User Experience Researcher,

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