Experiment Engine


Experiment Engine's unique technology enables marketers and product managers to do conversion optimization more effectively than ever. Our platform helps you manage your testing roadmap and identify conversion opportunities, while our integrated network of conversion experts lets you source fully coded, fully designed test variations that can be run with a single click.


Experiment Engine's conversion platform connects with your optimizely account to make your workflow more efficient & maximize your testing velocity:

  • Plan Your Testing Roadmap — Enter projects & hypotheses for testing by collaborating with your team.
  • Identify Key Opportunities — Our platform integrates with your analytics to identify the best testing opportunities.
  • Source Test Variations — Leverage Experiment Engine's expert network to create fully coded, fully designed test variations.
  • Prioritize Your Testing Pipeline — Queue variations to test and prioritize upcoming experiments.
  • One-Click Integration with Optimizely — Tests get queued to your Optimizely account on-demand and reports flow seamlessly.
  • Track Experiment History — Categorize, Tag, and Report on your previous tests. Know what won and why.
  • Report on the health of your Testing Program — Get executive reports and track the overall performance of your conversion optimization program.
Key Benefits
  • Streamline and amplify your workflow using Experiment Engine's unique conversion optimization platform
  • Establish an optimization program and communicate insights throughout the organization using Experiment Engine's robust tools
  • Build momentum by sourcing new experiment ideas from Experiment Engine's community of optimization experts


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