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Optimizely Personalization uses machine learning to automate the hard parts of personalization. Using natural language processing (NLP) you can now target visitors based on their interests, giving you an easier way to deliver relevant offers and experiences.

Easiest way to get started

No more cold starts. Simply describe your audience using keywords, and we'll find visitors that care about your topic immediately. This cuts the time for building audiences from weeks to a few hours.

Human + Machine

Other solutions insert machine learning between you and what your visitors experience, which is dangerous. We're giving you a blended approach that combines machine learning with human insights. Stay completely in control of what your visitors experience.

Deliver business ROI

You need to ensure that personalization can deliver a positive ROI beyond the default experience. With Optimizely every personalization campaign is also an a/b test, so you can be sure you're launching winning experiences.

A new, more relevant way to personalize

Optimizely now offers a completely new way to personalize that blends machine learning and human expertise to deliver the most relevant experience. Interest based targeting is easier to set-up and maintain than rigid rules based targeting. As consumers change their behavior and interests, Adaptive Audiences will adjust in real-time ensuring you’re not delivering an irrelevant or costly experience to your customers.

Every personalization campaign is also an experiment

When you purchase Personalization you also purchase Optimizely’s world-class experimentation capabilities complete with Stats-Engine and Program Management.

Works with the data you already have

Optimizely Personalization works with the data sources you’re already using today. Build a better segment by combining automated machine learning targeting with your own 1st or 3rd party data to extend your reach.

Simply add keywords and we'll find your audience

Most personalization workflows require that you spend weeks or months assembling, integrating and maintaining audience data and complex rules engines. Who has time for that?

Optimizely Personalization gives you a suite of capabilities to better target your customer

  • Behavioral targeting

    Connect with your customers during key moments. Trigger offers or messages based on real-time behavior, like cart abandonment or category affinity.

  • 1st/3rd party data

    Turn your own data in action. Want to experiment loyalty program or even connect with DMPs to bring in things like in-store visits and other offline data.

  • Adaptive Audiences

    A new targeting capability that uses machine learning to dynamically create audiences from personas that you define using simple keywords.

  • Recommendations

    Add product, category, and content recommendations to any part of your site. Leverage machine learning to continuously improve your recommendations to deliver hands-off ROI.

  • Real-time information

    Use real-time context to improve revenue with powerful, journey-aware content based on their device type, time of day, or even the traffic source that drove them to your site.

  • Location-based data & demographic

    Deliver unique messages, imagery or offers to customers based in key regions. Show that warm vacation getaway to your Chicago customers in the winter.