[Webinar] Agile Product Development: from hunch to hard data

Build the right features. Create greater user value.

From hunch to hard data

Agile methodology has become widely adopted in business, particularly among software and product development teams.

But is an Agile team enough? Is the development of products from a long-term roadmap truly Agile? And how can you and your team release features that meet ever-changing user expectations?

Join Prof. Jan Bosch, Dir. Software Centre of Gothenburg, as he reveals how experimentation and iterative development support your business in building better products to add more value.

What this webinar will show you:

  • Applying a holistic approach to Agile development
  • Creating value through experimentation and iterative product development
  • Identifying practical ways to get started: how to pick the right feature, identify meaningful KPIs, and deploy code

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Webinar Presenter

Prof. Jan Bosch

Director of Software Center
University of Technology, Gothenburg SE

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