Build, Buy, or Complement

How to choose the right progressive delivery and experimentation solution for your organization

Today, product development teams not only want to release software faster and more safely, they want to learn what works in production with real users to drive business impact. They want to move fast and get it right.

Teams are looking to progressive delivery & experimentation for feature flagging, gradual rollouts, one-click rollbacks, and experimentation, and you may be wondering if you should build, buy or complement.

This guide will help you understand considerations and trade-offs with:

  • Breadth of capabilities: Which advanced features, functions, and integrations will you need for everyone to easily experiment?
  • Cost of ownership: What is the total cost of ownership for developing and maintaining the platform over time?
  • Statistical rigor: Do you have confidence that your experimentation platform is producing reliable results?
  • Adoption and scale: What support and processes do you need to scale and be adopted across your organization?

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Build, Buy, or Complement
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