[Webinar] How to Find Your Product's North Star Metric with Amplitude

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Product-led companies are winning in this digital era by rallying their teams around a product North Star: the metric that connects the business outcomes they are trying to deliver to the work they do each day.

In this talk, you’ll learn a practical framework for how to determine your product’s North Star and how it can shift your strategy.

By attending this session, you will:

  • Learn how to define a North Star and why it is so important for product development teams
  • Learn how the best product teams use a narrow set of meaningful metrics to align product strategy with actual team initiatives
  • See examples of how North Stars change your product roadmap and drive your business forward
  • Walk through a specific example of setting and evolving a North Star
  • Feel ready to take learnings back to your teams

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Alicia is a Growth Product Manager at Amplitude where she focuses on driving business growth through experimentation. During her 5 years at Amplitude, she has met dozens of product teams and learned how they measure and drive business impact. She also co-wrote "Mastering Retention", a 155-page playbook on understanding and improving user retention in digital products that has reached over 25,000 readers globally. Alicia applies a scientific mindset to all of her work, stemming from her 7 years working in biomedical research.

Alicia Shiu

Growth Product ManagerAmplitude

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