Improving the Booking Experience with Data-First Personalization

How Aeroméxico Utilized Data to Jumpstart Personalization

As the flag carrier airline of Mexico, Aeroméxico is constantly working to see how they can improve their customer experience. For the airliner it began with ensuring the wealth of data they had on customers was available and actionable for use in Optimizely.

Aeroméxico used their already strong A/B testing practice to jumpstart detailed and customer-focused personalization efforts through the booking process. They hypothesized that if they personalized the booking flow process based on prior customer behavior, they would streamline the process and enable customers to purchase flights more efficiently.

In this webinar, Aeroméxico's Angie Romero and Optimizely's Alek Toumert will discuss how Aeroméxico went about organizing their data to enable testing and personalization together by leveraging this data, ultimately focusing on building better customer experiences.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to think about structuring your data for personalization
  • How to create hypotheses about personalization campaigns from existing a/b tests
  • How personalizing customer experience along your primary journeys enables higher lift

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Webinar Presenters

Angie Romero

Optimization Manager, Aeroméxico

Alek Toumert

Lead Strategy Consultant, Optimizely

Mary Zabriskie

Product Marketing, Optimizely

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