Ship Happens Webinar Series

Building great products that make customers happy is hard. Often times, navigating those paths creates tension between engineering and product teams’ objectives. The Ship Happens webinar series outlines how to empower both teams to work smarter and collaborate better to ship higher-quality products.

What you will learn

  • How to Build Alignment

    Ideas and strategies to establish shared goals, metrics, KPIs, and collaboration opportunities

  • Best Practices

    Key tactics and feedback strategies on navigating the uncertainties of product development

  • Real World Examples

    Customer stories and successes on teams, projects, and case studies

Latest webinar

Failure is an Option: Scaling Resilient Feature Delivery

Join us to hear Jamie Connolly and Mike Davis share how feature flags help you limit your risk and recover faster when the unexpected happens.

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Building a Successful Product & Engineering Relationship
Failure is an Option: Scaling Resilient Feature Delivery

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