Better Agile development starts with product experimentation

Optimizely helps product teams experiment and roll out features at every step of the development process. Build better products and launch products safely every time.

Harvard Business Review: How to Fix the Agile Process with Experimentation

The best teams focus on maximizing their “speed to truth.” To do this, teams need to experiment and iterate quickly. Learn more in this HBR article.

Forrester Report: Stop Guessing, Start Experimenting

Get your copy of this report to get a look at how experimentation platforms compliment lean software delivery practices.

Better Continuous Delivery with Atlassian Jira and Optimizely

Add experimentation to your development process with the Jira and Optimizely integration.

Launch Products Safely with Feature Flags

Optimizely Full Stack helps software teams practice smarter continuous delivery. Full Stack has feature flags that helps software teams reduce risk by separating software release from code deploy, stop messy rollbacks, and dynamically update web, mobile, and server apps on the fly with powerful feature variables.

Learn more about the benefits of Feature Management.

Top 5 reasons to use Optimizely

  • Roll out products safely and decouple release from deploy with feature management

  • Easily integrate into your development workflow with flexible APIs and integrations with Jira and Slack

  • Measure the impact of product decisions with industry leading experimentation stats and analytics reporting

  • Run experiments securely across websites, apps, backend logic, and IoT with zero performance impact with Optimizely Full Stack

  • Rapidly validate new ideas by using Optimizely feature variables to remotely configure your applications, and Optimizely web experiments to build prototypes and run painted door tests