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We make decisions that prioritize our customers’ best interests, always, even if that means breaking 'the process' or status quo. We don’t take “no” for an answer if it helps our customer, and we’re able to deliver. Check out some of the ways we've empowered our customers to unleash the potential of their marketing.

With transformation we’re starting to see the flywheel going in terms of vision and execution. It gives us the ability to be more strategic in the work that we do...rather than chasing the tactics. We can actually see what’s coming through, we can be more thoughtful, and we can scale what we’re doing in a repeatable and impactful way.

Lisa Oda
Head of Content & SEO, Pure Storage

Welcome is a platform that has, simply, made our lives easier. We’re producing more than before, delivering campaigns, and seamlessly collaborating with all of our stakeholders.

Liz Marlow
Global Project Manager, Sodexo

We’re getting a huge volume of content out the door, and that wouldn’t be possible without the Welcome platform. Our projects are moving through and getting completed much quicker, and we’ve even been able to repurpose existing content — the wheel is turning a lot quick than before.

Cassandra Brill
Global Head of Digital, SFI Health