How Bleacher Report Increased Social Shares by 764%

Testing improved social engagement to convert readers to loyal users
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    San Francisco, CA

Bleacher Report is a sports media brand, in a race to become the ‘ESPN of digital’. One of their key strategies to growth is optimization. By focusing on optimizing social engagement, they were able to convert fairweather sports readers into habitual users that would return to Bleacher Report online and engage with their mobile app.

The Bleacher Report team has spent the last year iterating over various redesigns to their social media pop-ups. Using Optimizely, they were able to quickly test new versions of their promos and closely monitor their effects on conversion rates. This ultimately led to a complete redesign of their social promos from an intrusive popup to a more subtle fly-in, increasing impressions and a boosting social conversions a whopping 764%.

Take an insider look at how the Bleacher Report team approaches optimization:

One thing that really helped Bleacher Report get off the ground and accelerated its growth in the past couple of years and is our focus on using data to make wise decisions.

— Beni Shpringer, Senior Analyst, Bleacher Report

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