Citrix Accelerates Buyer Journey with Personalization

Personalizing content for strategic verticals leads to tremendous results

Citrix is a global technology company that empowers more than 330,000 enterprise customers worldwide with best-in-class tools to work and collaborate together. Founded in 1989, Citrix generated $3.1B+ in revenue in 2014 and continues to grow its business using its website as a central part of this strategy.

The Citrix team’s vision is to personalize its digital experiences to each individual visitor. They use Optimizely and Demandbase to power that vision.

Personalization in the B2B industry

Prospects in the B2B industry spend a great deal of time researching products and solutions before making a purchase. During this process, a company’s website becomes a critical tool in influencing and accelerating the buyer’s journey, with 70% of buyers indicating that this channel is the most influential in their purchase decision, according to a recent DemandGen report.

For Citrix, personalized content delivers a more relevant experience to visitors that accelerates the buyer’s journey from awareness to sale.

Finding the right audience

When considering what to personalize, Citrix focuses on target audiences that align with company goals, produce enough website traffic to test on, and for which they can easily create personalized content. They use Demandbase to access data on their visitors (industry, demographic, location, etc.) and then filter than data into Optimizely to deliver and test each personalized experience.

The following example looks at a vertical-based personalization campaign that had a tremendous impact on Citrix’s business.

Homepage personalization on

The Citrix team hypothesized that industry-specific content personalization on the homepage would increase engagment and decrease overall bounce rate, because visitors would see content relevant to their individual business needs.

Companies in the healthcare, education, and finance industries fit well into Citrix’s target audience, so they opted to run a test on these three audiences.

They created personalized banners on, with copy, imagery, and a CTA that was specific to each vertical. Then, they built a test to measure the ROI of personalized content on these key audience segments. Half of each audience saw the personalized version, and half saw the original, “one-size-fits-all” version of Citrix’s homepage.


Citrix created this personalized homepage experience for visitors in the finance industry.


Citrix created this personalized homepage experience for visitors in the healthcare industry.


Citrix created this personalized homepage experience for visitors in the education industry.


The results were staggering. The personalized experiences accounted for huge improvements in visitor engagement across all three target industries.

Personalization of Citrix’s homepage resulted in:*

  • An overall decrease in bounce rate by 7%
  • 30% increase in clicks on the homepage banners
  • 10% increase in pageviews per session, indicating that visitors were navigating to more pages after they saw a more personalized homepage experience
  • 4% increase in average session duration, indicating that not only were visitors seeing more pages, but they were also spending more time on the site and consuming more information

*average results across the three personalization campaigns

Looking Forward

After the success of Citrix’s homepage personalization campaign, the team plans to continue to roll out industry-specific promotions and content across the site. They will continue to test and optimize these personalized experiences, with the goal of creating an increasingly immersive, 1:1 experience for each visitor on their website.


More Clicks


Lift in Pageviews per Session


Decrease in bounce rate

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Personalization is a key strategy in the future of B2B marketing. The benefits are numerous, including increased engagement and conversions, more efficient communication, and enhanced loyalty.
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