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Your fans media tastes change often. Here is how to keep up

Fullscreen builds products that keep you on the edge of your seat

Becoming a media brand today means playing by fundamentally different rules, with viewer behaviors that have changed rapidly thanks to mobile, social media, and content creation platforms like YouTube. Fullscreen is building its audience by taking a unique approach to mentoring content creators, and providing new ways for fans to engage directly with them on a shared platform.

Fullscreen connects rising social media stars with an audience of over 600 million subscribers, providing opportunities for engagement across wide array of social media and video platforms, including Fullscreen’s own proprietary subscription service. Content creators who engage with Fullscreen also gain access to content creation tools, monetization tracking, brand partnerships, live event planning services, and more.

As the company scales its media platform, Jennifer Laughlin, Fullscreen's Director of Product, has the challenging task of exceeding expectations in the products that Fullscreen delivers for both content creators and their fans. “At Fullscreen, our approach is unique in that we have created an entertainment experience around young social media stars whose fans are insanely dedicated and want to be a part of more than just a subscription service,” says Jennifer. “I always want to know more about our audience and learn more about what they want so we can build product experiences that will keep them engaged.”

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