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Holiday Booking Platform Teletext Bridges Online-to-Offline Conversions with Optimizely

Enhancing continuous website experimentation with programmatically synced offline call event data

With more than 20 years in business, Teletext Holidays has evolved into one of the UK’s favorite travel brands. Featuring thousands of holiday packages, Teletext keeps a great user experience at the heart of its mission.

Travelers use Teletext’s website to browse and learn more about numerous travel packages. The company maintains a call center to ultimately help consumers make their final purchase. All of the Teletext’s transactions take place over the phone.

The Challenge: Connecting Online User Behavior With Offline Conversion Events

Because phone calls are such an integral part of the sales funnel, the company wanted a way to track these offline conversions in its website optimization process.

Teletext's goal: to reduce funnel drop-off and increase web-to-call conversions while eliminating inefficiencies by automating processes.

Graham Farrugia, Director of Product at Teletext, turned to Optimizely for a solution.

The Solution: Bridging Online-to-Offline Conversions

Teletext relies on Optimizely to monitor offline conversions and connect them to specific online experiences. There are two parts that consolidate this process into a scalable, replicable, and measurable testing strategy:

  • On the frontend: Teletext uses Optimizely to consistently run website experiments and identify areas of improvement. The company tests everything from design concepts to phone number placements on pages where holidays are being featured.

  • On the backend: Teletext collects data surrounding customer conversations and conversion events. The process begins with using multiple data points that are unique to each user’s session. The company then uses Optimizely’s API to integrate offline conversion event data into a trackable ‘custom event goal’ that’s available in the Optimizely Experiment Results Dashboard.

Equally important to these frontend and backend processes are the incremental steps in between. In addition to monitoring sales as conversions, Teletext also monitors leads generated and offers redeemed.

“With Optimizely, we can measure the impact of our initiatives and connect them to our marketing KPIs,” says Graham. “We now have the infrastructure that we need to change the way the site looks and feels, change the messaging, personalise the experience, and do lots of different things to make the users’ experience with better.”

The Outcome: Data-backed Decisions, Higher Conversions, and Better User Experiences

Teletext can now measure the direct impact of its website experiments to key user behavior outcomes—engagement, bounce rates, uses of certain features, and, most importantly, bookings.

“Every decision that we make is now 100% backed by data,” says Graham. “Not to mention, if we need to solve a problem quickly and get something live immediately, we can use Optimizely to ensure that process remains smooth.”

With Optimizely, we can measure the impact of our initiatives and connect them to our marketing KPIs ... Every decision that we make is now 100% backed by data.
Graham Farrugia

Director of Product, Teletext Holidays

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