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Vitamix creates a differentiated buyer experience for the world’s best blenders


Increase in order conversion rate with personalized experience for cart abandonment


Increase in order conversion rate with data-driven redesign of e-commerce funnel


Lift in add-to-carts for e-commerce funnel redesign

It's your turn. How will you experiment everywhere?


Experimentation, personalization, and a world-class partnership are a winning blend for the leading home appliance maker

Vitamix, a 96-year-old, family-owned, American company, has long had a reputation for great performance, durability and reliability amongst commercial chefs and home users alike.

Its approach to innovation doesn’t stop with the blenders, which is also essential to delivering a world-class e-commerce experience. The company has embraced an experimentation mindset with the help of Optimizely Solutions Partner, Clearhead — part of Accenture Interactive. In doing so, the Vitamix team has been able to continually improve their digital customer experiences, increase the ROI driven by, and use data to confidently inform UX decisions and designs.

With Optimizely, we’ve demonstrated the value of delivering personalized experiences to our audience. We’re excited to continue iterating on what we’ve already learned with experimentation to deliver even more value for our business.
Laura Szarek

Director, Digital Marketing

Personalization Stops Cart Abandonment Cold

Vitamix was seeing nearly 80% of shopping carts created by web visitors abandoned. To engage return visitors and encourage them to convert to checkout, Vitamix used Optimizely X Web Personalization to develop a personalized experience for each return visitor. The new experience added a 'mini cart' functionality to Vitamix’s site, which showed a personal list of items for purchase and a brightly colored call-to-action. By delivering this personalized experience to return visitors, the team was able to improve order conversions for this audience by 13.7%.

Data-Driven Redesign Disrupts Traditional E-commerce Funnel

After engaging Clearhead to take on a full-scale website redesign, the team identified the root issue was actually a lack of recommendations on the website. They experimented, iterating to develop a ‘Blender Recommender’ purchase funnel that increased add-to-cart by 5% and purchase conversion rates 3.5%.

A Partnership that Faces Problems Head-On

Vitamix Accenture

Engaging Accenture Interactive as a partner has meant that Vitamix stays focused on solving their customers’ biggest problems, solving them with a focused, experimental approach. By adopting “test and learn” as a guiding philosophy, Vitamix’s digital team is now able to confidently take bigger bets and drive more revenue for the business.

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It's your turn. How will you experiment everywhere?