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Volaris Boosts Revenue with a Culture of Experimentation


Incremental revenue increase from experimentation


Increase in conversions from testing a countdown timer during fare promotions

Ideas sourced from thousands of employees uncover winning user experience improvements

Volaris is an ultra low-cost airline based in Mexico City that transports an average of 15M travelers annually. As the second largest airline in the region, the company faces stiff competition from rival airlines looking to gain a foothold in the Americas. Volaris’ website is their main point of sales for tickets and ancillary purchases, and customers value the ease of the online booking process.

To increase website sales, Julio Farfan, Head of Web and Mobile Optimization, and his team decided to draw on the collective knowledge of the entire company. Farfan set out to solicit ideas across the organization—from engineers to flight attendants—on how to increase sales by tailoring the website experience to different travelers with experimentation.

Before we had Optimizely, we had no way of knowing whether a change in design or layout on our website would have a positive or negative impact. We were flying blind.
Julio Farfan
Julio Farfan

Web and Mobile Optimization Lead

Crowdsourcing Experiment Ideas Boosts Revenue

To build their data-driven company culture, Volaris and Optimizely partnered to create an idea submission contest, which involved more than 4,000 Volaris employees. In the first year of their experimentation program, powered by employee-generated ideas, Volaris was able to increase incremental website revenue by 2.3 percent.

Countdown to More Bookings

One of the winning submissions from the experiment idea contest came from a member of Volaris’ sales team. The idea was to set up a timer during a promotion that counted down the days, hours and minutes to the promotion’s end. When executed as an experiment, conversion increased 8%.

Building a Culture of Continuous Experimentation

The competition to crowdsource A/B testing ideas for the website resulted in over 100 submissions from Volaris employees – approximately 70% of which were tested through Optimizely. “Once we started to use Optimizely, we noticed an immediate internal shift – people began to test new ideas before sending out build requirements to the development team,” says Farfan. This shift has enabled the organization to understand the impact of changes on conversions and revenue, and made it possible to deliver a more tailored traveler experience.

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