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The winning solution for General Assembly

Rapid response to the market, ability to scale and an experimental mindset are the winning combination for General Assembly

Digital transformation has impacted more than just the business models of retail, media, finance, and technology companies—the very skills needed to perform jobs in the digital age have shifted. General Assembly focuses on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business, and technology to address the global skills gap with online and in-person offerings across 25 campuses and 6 countries.

To ensure that General Assembly can keep pace with its aggressive growth plans to reach curious learners, job-seekers, and prospective employers, product design team lead Bryan Berger has focused on leaning into the unique differentiators of the business, while creating opportunities for experimentation to bridge the gap between opportunity and education.

“Today, with the power of technology we are able to rapidly respond and meet the needs of the education landscape online and in any one of our 20 markets,” says Bryan. “We are not held back by laggy distribution and releasing yearly volumes of educational content. We are able to make use of purposeful software to bridge the gap between cutting-edge skills and the opportunities that are available around the world to our students.”

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