Marc O’Polo Wins With Iterative Approach to A/B Testing

Online retailer increases website sales with optimized homepage and product detail pages

Marc O’Polo is a leading global retail brand, focused on premium, casual clothing and accessories for men and women. The brand sells its merchandise in brick-and-mortar stores, via partner retailers, and through its website. In recent years, Marc O’Polo has placed a major focus on optimizing its online store in order to maximize revenue from this growing channel.

Challenge: Shopping cart abandonment

For online retailers, identifying the factors that turn shopping cart abandoners into buying customers is often a challenge – no two shoppers are alike, the data can be messy, and buyer behaviors change over time. When identified correctly, however, these factors present a tremendous opportunity. So when Marc O’Polo set out to redesign and relaunch their website, this was the primary challenge they hoped to solve for. The Marc O’Polo team utilized A/B testing to experiment with different versions of its landing pages and product detail pages to determine which would convert more existing visitors into customers.

Through thoughtful analysis, the Marc O’Polo team identified the website’s homepage and product detail pages as the two most important entry point for visitors, and thus the two primary points of focus for their optimization efforts. Both pages received high levels of traffic, but also had very high bounce rates.

On the homepage, the team hypothesized that making a clearer distinction between the male and female collections would increase conversions, by making it quicker and easier for visitors to find what they were looking for. Additionally, they believed that increased emotional triggering would lead to more conversions.

Homepage optimization

The Marc O’Polo team set out to turn more homepage visitors into buyers. Over a period of four months, they tested 23 different versions of the homepage in four consecutive test phases. See five sample versions below.

Then, set up the variations in the experiment and describe them before dropping them into the story:

  • Screenshot of Marc O'Polo experiment
  • Screenshot of Marc O'Polo experiment
  • Screenshot of Marc O'Polo experiment
  • Screenshot of Marc O'Polo experiment
  • Screenshot of Marc O'Polo experiment

Homepage Results

After testing all the variations against the original, the results showed that Variation 4 (with the separate male and female collections, and the colored product imagery) achieved the highest increase in conversions, resulting in 36% more online orders.

In interpreting the results, the team extrapolated that the store window view may have been too obscure and experimental for their audience, and the video distracted users rather than appealing to them emotionally.

Product Detail Page Optimization

As part of the website overhaul, Marc O’Polo also optimized their product detail pages. They believed that improvements to these high impact pages would lead to further increases in orders, since visitors landing on them were already deep inside the sales funnel and more invested in the process. The original detail pages received a significant amount of traffic, but had high bounce rates.

Tests on these pages were carried out over a period of 9 months. A total of 22 variations were tested, and nearly every element of the page was optimized through this process. The images below show the original page. The elements outlined in red were tested and optimized as part of the multi-stage optimization process.

  • Screenshot of Original version in Marc O'Polo experiment
  • Screenshot of the winning variation Marc O'Polo experiment


The winning variation, which led to a 64% increase in conversions, featured the following changes:

  1. The navigation panel for the individual categories, which was on the left-hand side in the original version, was completely removed.
  2. The different product views, such as the side or rear view, were moved all the way to the left.
  3. The product recommendations, which were aligned vertically and shown next to the product details in the original, were aligned horizontally and shown underneath the product description in the winning version.
  4. A "trustbox" was added underneath the "Go to cart" CTA, which points out benefits such as the payment methods and the return policy.
  5. The product information was split across three tabs (product description, product information, and reviews) beneath the trustbox.

Looking Ahead

After the success of its homepage and product detail page optimization efforts, the Marc O’Polo team plans to continue to test key elements of it's site to drive purchases and bottom line revenue.


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