Personalized Merchandising Grows Sales by 12%

How the Clymb uses digital user personas to sell more adventure gear
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$60 Million
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Optimizely Technology Integration
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The Clymb is the largest daily deals provider in the outdoor goods, apparel, and adventure travel market, with 5 million members, $60 million in annual revenue, 3 million MUVs, and over 800 brands represented.

Like many e-commerce companies, The Clymb tracks metrics about its members across a number of touchpoints – email, web, social media, mobile, and more. What makes The Clymb so successful is how it pulls all this data together, using Lytics, to build digital customer personas (called unified User Profiles in the Lytics UI).

Digital personas paint a highly granular and constantly evolving picture of each member. They start from day one – collecting information when a member registers, tracking each time a they engage across any number of touchpoints, and monitoring every purchase they make.

Of course, not every member behaves the same, so this data is critical in helping The Clymb personalize their messaging and offers to drive more purchases and maximize revenue.

Lytics, the Clymb’s Customer Data Hub

Lytics is a data hub that lets users create and share segments across all marketing tools. Users can organize data from multiple sources (the web, email, mobile, social, support, point of sales, etc.) to paint a 360-degree view of their customers. With Lytics and Optimizely, users can build highly-targeted segments for their Optimizely experiments and personalization campaigns.

Business Opportunity

The Clymb’s members have varying interests and with 10-20 new sales offered each day, it can be a challenge to get the right deal in front of the right audience. Using their 360* view of the customer, The Clymb saw a huge opportunity to serve up the most relevant sales to their members in order to drive more purchases.

Understanding each shopper’s past purchases, email opens, social media engagement, app sessions, and more helped the team gain a strong understanding of their customers’ behaviors and interests.

The Hypothesis

The Clymb had seen a great deal of success with cart recommendations (offering members additional, related items during the checkout process) in the past, so they hypothesized that users would be receptive to the same concept, taken one step further – targeting members based on past purchases, email clicks, social engagement, and more. They opted to test this theory out by personalizing site merchandising for shoppers interested in Oakley products.

The Test

The Clymb built a test to measure whether more personalized merchandising for shoppers (in this case, those interested in Oakley products) would have an impact on total sales. They used Optimizely to power the test and used Lytics to build behavior-driven segments of users interested in Oakley products.

The Oakley segment included users who had viewed or purchased Oakley products on their website or mobile app, as well as those who had self-declared “lifestyle apparel” interests during the sign-up process. This segment saw a homescreen that prominently featured an Oakley sale.

All other users to the site saw a standard view of the member homescreen.

When the results came in, it was clear: showing users a more personalized increased the likelihood of them making a purchase. Users bucketed into the personalized Oakley segment made 12% more purchases than users in the standard view.

Users who were not interested in Oakley products saw a standard view of the homepage, featuring a variety of sales.
Users in the Oakley segment saw a homescreen that prominently featured a sale on Oakley products. Users in this segment made 12% more purchases than users in the non-personalized segment.


Showing the right message to the right users has had a tremendous business impact for The Clymb, as personalized offerings – like the Oakley example – have increased sales across the board. As customers engage with The Clymb across many different channels, they are able to collect that data and understand each user’s complete brand experience, and then leverage that information to deliver more relevant content. These personalized experiences have increased the number of purchases, amount of engagement, and total lifetime value of users subscribed to The Clymb.

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