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Trulia, a Zillow Group subsidiary, is a one-stop-shop for consumers searching for real estate online. Their website, mobile website, mobile app receive millions of unique visitors each day.

Through its innovative mobile and web products, Trulia provides insights about the house, neighborhood, and real estate process while connecting people with the right agents. They monetize by generating leads on their mobile and web properties, on which they run more than 100 A/B tests each year. To achieve this scale and impact, Trulia works closely closely with CROmetrics, an Optimizely Solutions Partner.

The following case studies highlight two examples of experiments Trulia and CROmetrics ran to drive business on their web and mobile properties.

Challenge: Low conversion and engagement metrics

Trulia Rentals was experiencing lower than average conversion and engagement metrics on its mobile web platform, so the team turned to Optimizely to get back on track.

The goal was to improve lead conversions, which Trulia measures as completions of the “Contact Property” form on its mobile website. In order to improve conversions, they decided to test a new lead pathway to allow users to submit their information directly from the Search Results Page, which is one of Trulia’s most highly trafficked pages.

Experiment #1: A new call-to-action and infinite scroll

In the original experience, users had to click through from Search Results Page to a specific Property Display Page in order to fill out a lead generation form. Trulia hypothesized that adding a call-to-action to submit lead information directly on the Search Results for each listing would remove unnecessary friction and increase conversions.

As the Trulia team worked through the user experience for the test, they also decided to add an infinite scroll feature so mobile web users could easily scroll down to view as many listings as they liked. They believed the combination of the infinite scroll with the new call-to-action would have a positive impact on lead conversion.

Results: 15% improvement in leads per visit

The test produced a big win for Trulia, resulting in a 60% increase in pageviews per visit and a 15% increase in leads per visit. This was a tremendous success for Trulia’s mobile web platform and helped turn around the drop in conversions, as well as drastically improved the user experience.

Furthermore, the test directly impacted Rentals Revenue, as well as influenced the rest of the company to adopt these features into the other Trulia products.

Experiment #2: Optimized privacy messaging

Next, the Trulia team decided to experiment with privacy messaging. They hypothesized that adding privacy messaging would improve lead conversion because users would be more apt to share their email address knowing their personal information was secure. They tested adding a short line of privacy messaging to the lead generation form on their web and mobile website search pages.

Trulia tested adding a short line of privacy messaging to the lead generation form on their web and mobile web search pages.

Results: 5% increase in leads generated

The change was minor, taking only minutes to implement, but the results had a major impact. The added privacy messaging increased the total number leads generated by 5% on both the web and mobile. For a company that receives millions of unique visitors each day, the business impact was huge.

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