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The future of B2B commerce

How to adapt to unrelenting buyer expectations in 2022

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After a rollercoaster couple of years, B2B organisations - manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers alike, are being forced to adapt to dynamic and unrelenting buyer expectations. 

B2B commerce organisations are expected to create an intuitive experience for every customer, while maximising sales and increasing internal efficiencies. At the same time, they have to continue serving customers both in-person and online, streamline the buying process and establish an ‘always open digital storefront’ to complement their brick-and-mortar locations. It’s no wonder so many are finding this new wave of B2B commerce challenging!

In the age of multi-products, multi-markets and multi-channels, how do you retain control over your online inventories? And how do you continue to engage your customers as the methods in which they compare and buy constantly change?

Join Optimizely for a look at the future of B2B commerce and how manufacturers and wholesalers can adapt in 2022.

We’re going to discuss:

  • The latest trends in B2B commerce
  • What factors to consider when buying a commerce platform for your business
  • How Optimizely delivers best-in-class B2B commerce experiences


Josh Schoonmaker

Senior Director Strategy, Commerce

Sara Winter

Senior Product Manager, B2B Commerce