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CX Imperatives: What Marketers Need to Create Winning Digital Experiences

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In what has been a few challenging years that has changed consumer behaviours, creating digital experiences that adapt quickly to a fluid market remains at the forefront of every marketer’s mind. Knowing how to equip your teams to enable this journey asks for organisations to think, plan, and deliver unique customer conversations that are personalised.

Join us in this exclusive webinar with Justin Anovick, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely and discover how to unearth success through data, design, and experimentation to truly create a customer-focused digital marketing experience.

Find out how to:

  • Understand and apply data to create hyper-personalised experiences
  • Conduct effective audience-based planning
  • Demystify experience-based technologies
  • Experiment with content differently to reveal more about your customers
  • Connect digital experiences through commerce

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a robust discussion with one of Optimizely’s most passionate CX advocates and find out how to set your digital marketing ahead of the pack. Get access now!



Justin Anovick

Chief Product Officer