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The power of data-driven experimentation

Learn how to continuously deliver optimized experiences that meet evolving customer needs.

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Without a data-driven approach to experimentation, digital teams will struggle to know which tests to prioritize and what to focus on next when it comes to optimizing their customer experience.

In this virtual panel, experts from Optimizely, FullStory and CXperts share how forward-thinking organizations are fine-tuning their efforts at optimizing the digital customer experience across all touchpoints.

This session also features Eddie Rodriguez, Head of Product at CINC, who provides valuable insights based on his team’s experience with digital optimization. Watch it now and learn how to: 

  • Uncover, understand and correct points of user friction in your mobile app experience 
  • Identify and prioritize high-impact opportunities to guide your experimentation efforts 
  • Turn insights from your experiments into website optimizations that boost your conversions and revenue 
  • Use data to align teams and maintain momentum for cross-functional collaboration 



Eddie Rodriguez

Director of Product

Niki Madison

Senior Customer Success Manager

Heather Semler

Principal Product Evangelist

Steven Shyne