Optimizely vs LaunchDarkly

Top 7 Reasons Why Leading Companies Choose Optimizely


Free Feature Flags

Optimizely Rollouts offers unlimited free feature flags and rollouts. You can roll out features on any device, test in production before release, and manage all your features in one place.

We believe rolling out features is an essential step on the journey to building a culture of experimentation in product development, so we built Rollouts on an enterprise platform and made it free.


Built Ground Up for Experimentation

Optimizely’s progressive delivery platform is purpose-built for experimentation and data analytics, with architecture to support the complexities of randomized bucketing, mutual exclusivity, bias avoidance, and error controlled statistics with accurate attribution. When you need to know what's working with confidence, data-driven evidence becomes a priority. Don’t choose a solution that was not purpose-built, and avoid tech debt in the future.


Scalable Program Management

Our platform includes ideation, prioritization, and reporting interfaces so that you can manage experiments at scale, integrating live tests with systems of record like Slack and Jira. Across our customers using Program Management, we’ve seen up to a 4X increase in experimentation program velocity.


Accuracy Through Stats Engine and Flexible Data

Optimizely’s Stats Engine provides real-time sequential error control to deliver accurate results. Our machine learning allocation can accelerate reaching statistical significance. Enriched Events and Results Exports connect to your analytics platform, while Data Lab offers an environment to analyze experiment data with other sources.


Empower Teams Across Your Organization

Optimizely is designed for product, developer and data teams to rapidly validate code, ideas, & business impact. With project-level access and reporting, a visual editor for client-side A/B testing and website personalization, different teams get what they need and developers can focus on coding.


Usability and Certification

Not only are we user-friendly for large teams with open documentation and open-source SDKs actively referenced across Github, but we also offer free certification courses through the online Optimizely Academy which currently enrolls 500 new trainees a week. Cross-functional teams can quickly get trained up on key skills and accelerate value from their investment.


Global Support and Expertise

With over 1.8M experiments run, and $1B in incremental revenue achieved for our customers in the last year alone, we have the best practices, support, and services to ensure your success. Our expertise is built upon years of helping the the fastest growing startups to the most iconic brands test and execute innovative experiences.

Works in the Languages you do

Full Stack has SDKs for most major platforms or deploys as a microservice

Loved by Developers, Trusted by Enterprises

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