Conversionista AB

Conversionista is Scandinavia’s #1 company in conversion rate optimization, including full-service analytics, web psychology, UX, eye-tracking, and A/B testing. They have helped companies like Spotify, Magine, ICA and Telia to increase conversion.

Conversionista also co-founded “The Global Optimization Group”, a group containing 200 experts from the brightest CRO agencies in the world. The GO Group strives to develop and provide the best CRO methods, tools and competences to their international clients. They are not only the first Optimizely two star solution partner in Scandinavia, they are also a Google Analytics 360 certified reseller and a certified partner to all leading CRO tools.

Also, Conversionista is the organizer of the world’s largest CRO & growth event: Conversion Jam.