Ambassador’s end-to-end referral solution provides digital marketers with the ability to turn their fans, customers, influencers, and affiliates into brand ambassadors in order to drive new revenue. Ambassador automates enrolling, tracking, managing and rewarding referrals allowing B2B companies, e-commerce and consumer brands, as well as agencies, to quickly scale referral marketing programs. Ambassador’s SaaS platform and open API seamlessly integrates with existing technologies allowing companies to increase engagement and new customer acquisition.


Ambassador’s Optimizely integration allows you to associate Optmizely variations with Ambassador refer a friend widgets. Once configured, an Ambassador refer a friend widget will only be shown if its corresponding Optimizely variation is running on the page. This allows you to measure the engagement of different widgets as well as deliver unique widget content and experiences based on characteristics of your visitors.

Key Benefits
  • Drive new business (leads/sales/customers)
  • Increase engagement with customers and prospects
  • Turn brand awareness into brand preference