Call Dynamics


Call Dynamics tracks the impact of your marketing on inbound phone calls. Track and measure phone call leads just like website conversions and ensure no leads are lost when it counts using our intelligent call routing tools.


This integration will send data in to your Optimizely project so you can see which versions of your experiments are generating calls and outcomes. You simply supply your Project ID and your Event Name, and providing you have correctly installed our JavaScript tracking code on your website we'll handle the rest for you!

When a call is generated by one of your experiments, Call Dynamics associates the call with the experiment that generated the call as a goal.

Key Benefits
  • Integrating your Call Dynamics service with Optimizely provides the powerful data you need to properly optimize your website call conversions and increase your ad ROI.
  • Use Call Dynamics and Optimizely together to track conversions that occur offline on the phone.
  • If you want to increase sales enquires or reduce support requests, Call Dynamics identifies which page generated the phone call, allowing you to refine online information, identify how pages are performing, or understand where the sales cycle can be improved.