Decibel Insight


Decibel Insight is enterprise class customer experience analytics. Providing the missing piece in web optimization, our software enables businesses to understand the visitor behavior behind site performance. Advanced heatmaps, video-accurate visitor session replay, form analytics and behavior reports provide evidence that is so compelling it's impossible to ignore. What's more, we have the fastest and simplest configuration in the category – a single snippet of code is all that's required to use our extensive suite of tools.

Forensically examine what your website visitors see, where they scroll, what they click and why they convert; fuel successful split tests with hypotheses based on real user experience.


Decibel Insight has a one-click integration with Optimizely that enables users to examine the behavioral impact of their split tests. Users can view heatmaps, visitor replays, form analytics and behavioral reports for each of their Optimizely variants, giving a deep dive into the impact of tests on user experience.

As well as our integration with Optimizely, Decibel Insight plugs into popular tag management, web analytics and voice of customer tools for 360 degree understanding of visitor behavior.

Key Benefits
  • Discover the impact your experiment variations have on user engagement using rich heatmaps available with Decibel Insight
  • Surface insights about behavioral changes between experiment variations with Decibel Insight's robust session recordings
  • Understand the "why" behind your visitors' behavior to inform future product development and experiment ideas