econda is one of the leading providers for Web Analytics and Personalization Solutions in the European market. With its Data-Driven E-Commerce and Content Suites, econda provides all-in-one solutions for data-driven and customer focused E-Commerce and Digital Relationship Management. The Data-Driven Suites combine 6 products ranging from Shop, Site, or Portal Analysis through to Cross Selling — covering the complete spectrum for data-driven and customer centric E-Business. Another strong advantage for all econda customers is the combined Marketing Automation competence of the Performance Interactive Alliance.


The plug-in combines the capability of A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing by Optimizely with the complete econda web analytics suite. This will help users of both products go deeper into their data and make better data-driven decisions. econda users will be able to see the results of Optimizely variations in their dashboards, segment this data and run detailed E-Commerce analyses in econda.

Key Benefits
  • Connect your experiment results to key business metrics you already track using Econda
  • Streamline your workflow by reviewing experiment results in your familiar Econda dashboard
  • Uncover new insights about your experiment using Econda's advanced eCommerce analytics features