Effective Experiments


Effective Experiments helps CRO agencies and in-house teams keep track of their optimization efforts in a more efficient manner. Instead of using a number of tools, CROs can use Effective Experiments as a bespoke platform to document ideas, test plans and experiments. Save time with auto-generated reports and a robust query engine to help you, your team and clients stay up to date with the optimization programme.


Say goodbye to Excel & Google Docs. Effective Experiments is the tool to help you become a more efficient CRO. Built to work with the Conversion Optimisation workflow, you can -

  • Brainstorm ideas and document them - Keep track of all your ideas and how you came up with them.
  • Hypothesise and create detailed test plans.
  • Visualise your test pipeline - You can see exactly which stage your experiment is at and identify any bottlenecks.
  • Import your results directly from Optimizely - Our Optimizely integration allows you to import your test results instantaneously.
  • Create your test knowledgebase and know how effective your efforts are.
Key Benefits
  • Streamline and amplify your workflow using Effective Experiments' unique conversion optimization platform
  • Establish an optimization program and communicate insights throughout the organization using Effective Experiments' robust tools
  • Share your wins and best practices with clients and team members using Effective Experiments' powerful presentation tools