Extole’s platform powers referral programs for the world’s best brands in retail, financial services, travel/hospitality and other industries, helping marketers acquire better customers at scale across all touch points.

Our referral marketing platform lets marketers easily launch, scale, and optimize refer-a-friend programs to acquire new customers while cementing brand loyalty and driving reactivations among the ones they already have. Clear analytics give visibility into what’s working. Instant reward fulfillment keeps customers engaged, and quality assurance cultivates high-value new customers.


Extole’s integration with Optimizely helps marketers bring more advocates and better customers into their referral channel. By A/B testing their refer-a-friend programs, they can find out which referral experiences best engage people, what copy resonates best with audiences, what rewards motivate customers to share the most, and more.

Key Benefits
  • Optimize the creative and messaging you use to support your referral programs using Extole
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your referral programs by targeting referral CTAs to your customers at the right time
  • Trust that your rewards will be fulfilled by a platform already managing some of the world's top brands across many industries