Freespee helps Optimizely users to get full visibility into any web-to-phone activity as an integrated part of the website user experience. Freespee is a phone call data hub that helps users to collect, process and deliver phone call data into third party tools like Optimizely. With no coding required, you can power any decision in your experiments with phone call data.


Compare the impact of your Optimizely experiments on any metric that you're tracking within Freespee. Segment any of your Freespee reports (Channels, Call duration, Abandonment rate, Revenue) to understand how different variations performed by audience or KPI.

Key Benefits
  • Optimize offline conversions that happen over the phone using Freespee
  • Maximize impact of your phone call conversions by optimizing your CTA treatments
  • Deliver personalized experiences to your customers that are consistent across the web and your phone conversations