Heap automatically captures every customer touchpoint and automates away the pain of data collection. Other analytics tools require you to tag events upfront and manually instrument tracking code. Instead, Heap automatically captures everything: clicks, taps, swipes, form changes, and more. Get answers in seconds and make decisions faster.


You can turn on your Heap and Optimizely integration with just one click. With Heap and Optimizely together, you can see the effect of an experiment on every KPI, not just your original goal. No developer work needed.

Key Benefits
  • Iterate faster. With retroactive and codeless user analytics, identify areas for experimentation, evaluate the impact, and generate hypotheses without developer resources.
  • Run tests and deploy changes without waiting. Every user interaction is automatically captured and enriched with experiment data, so there’s no need to wait for tracking code to measure the influence of different variations.
  • Take your A/B test to the next level. Measure your A/B test’s influence on both your goal and any secondary KPIs. Understand the effect of your A/B test on the entire customer experience.