Infinity Tracking


Infinity Call Tracking is a Cloud based call tracking service with integrated visitor tracking capabilities. With Infinity you can track calls from your website and know exactly which marketing activity brought those visitors to your site.

Call Tracking evolved from the need to identify which online marketing campaign investment delivers results.

Our system allows you to identify which marketing source has led to a phone call and therefore gives you confidence to invest more aggressively in the campaigns that are known to deliver results. Our system integrates with over 30 3rd party systems, allowing you to use call tracking data in any of your analytics, bid management, conversion rate or CRM systems.


The Infinity Optimizely integration works differently to other multi-variant experiment based systems. Whereas others present a single number per experiment, allowing you to see how many calls were delivered per variation, our system works by presenting dynamic numbers for each variation, allowing you to see call volume whilst also retaining visitor level call tracking. Our system passes call data from Infinity when a call occurs with the details of the visitor and the experiment ID, and Infinity visitor ID. This allows you to see all of the interactions that the visitor had, which is something our competitors don't offer.

Key Benefits
  • Optimize offline conversions that happen over the phone using Infinity Tracking
  • Maximize impact of your phone call conversions by optimizing your CTA treatments
  • Deliver personalized experiences to your customers that are consistent across the web and your phone conversations