Kissmetrics takes all the data you're collecting and ties it to real people. Every last piece gets connected to a real person. All of it. It doesn't matter if people bounce around between different browsers and devices. Or even if it takes them 6 months to come back. You'll see what real people do. You get all the reports that you've come to expect from analytics: funnels, cohorts, revenue, metrics; it's all there. Kissmetrics's A/B Test report also opens up many new ways to explore and gain insights from your experiment data.


Compare the impact of your Optimizely experiments on any metric that you're tracking within Kissmetrics. Segment any of your Kissmetrics reports (Funnels, Cohorts, Metrics, Revenue) to understand how different variations performed by audience or KPI.

Key Benefits
  • Connect your experiment results to key business metrics you already track using Kissmetrics
  • Streamline your workflow by reviewing experiment results in your familiar Kissmetrics dashboard
  • Uncover new insights about your experiment using Kissmetrics capabilities