Lotame is the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company, helping publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data. Our real-time data management technologies, global data exchanges, and award-winning customer service make us the unrivaled, unstacked choice for clients that want a flexible, scalable and cost-effective antidote to walled gardens from the large martech stack companies. As the pioneer data management platform thirteen years ago, Lotame has continuously innovated to become the trusted data solutions company for global enterprises. Lotame is headquartered in New York City and Columbia MD, with offices around the world, including London, Singapore, Mumbai and Sydney. Learn more at https://www.lotame.com/.


Lotame DMP and Optimizely clients have a unique combination of DMP and website optimization tools that they can use to easily satisfy consumer demand for rich, relevant and personalized content.

Lotame's rich audience data segments are imported into Optimizely to deliver actionable insights into visitor behavior. This data allows customers to define Optimizely Audiences, which in turn, allow customers to analyze their results and target their experiments by otherwise unavailable attributes.

Key Benefits
  • Personalize your web experiences the first time visitors come to your website using Lotame's rich third-party data set
  • Target visitors with promotions based on their interests and other third-party data available in Lotame
  • Combine intent data from Lotame with behavioral and demographic data from Optimizely to create complex audiences