TVTY enables advertisers to synchronize their digital campaigns with offline events in real time (TV shows, commercials, weather, sporting events, financial triggers, and more). With TVTY, advertisers can ensure that their message reaches the right audience at the right time.

With TVTY's SaaS Moment Marketing Platform, advertisers pick offline moments, and sync their existing digital campaigns seamlessly. TVTY is already integrated with leading DSPs and ad servers, and is compatible with all digital marketing channels including search, display, video, and social.

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Integrating with TVTY allows you to adapt the content of your site in real time based on offline events. Experiments can be activated for short periods of time following specific events, like TV commercials being aired, in order to adjust your website content with your TV campaigns in real time.

Integration between TVTY and Optimizely works with all our triggers, also allowing you to change your site based on TV shows, sporting events (goals, team leading, current score,etc.), weather conditions (real time & forecast), health triggers (pollen, pollution & flu levels), stock values and virtually any real time data source.

Key Benefits
  • Target unqiue experiences to your visitors based on TV events such as sporting events and commercials using TVTY
  • Measure ROI for your investments in TV campaigns by connecting web experiences to TV events in real time
  • Engage your visitors in compelling new ways by delivering dynamic on-site experiences that map to real time TV programming