Web Experimentation in Q3

Welcome to the roadmap preview for Optimizely's Web Experimentation capabilities. Read more about the exciting updates coming to the world's fastest experimentation platform and A/B testing solution.

Test to make every experience better

At Optimizely, we understand that one of the biggest challenges that brands face involves driving impactful changes to their website based on tests and data. Coming in Q3 this year are new ways to enhance cross-collaboration between users and improve experimentation velocity & impact, rendering experimentation exceptionally seamless for our customers. As we head into the second half of 2022, the team at Optimizely is excited to announce the following product updates to empower marketers, product managers, and developers to increase CRO, revenue, and engagement.

Q3 product updates coming to Web Experimentation at Optimizely

A bird's eye view of experiment usage

Component Trackers

Optimizely is hyper-focused on making sure that Web Experimentation allows all collaborators to get a bird’s eye view of their experiment usage.

To identify if there are any conflicts with an experiment, collaborators will now have the capability to identify the number of active experiments currently using the same components, preventing conflicts from misconstrueing the data and allowing collaborators to archive without affecting workflows. Component Trackers will substantially enhance experimentation coverage and improve allocation of time and resources.

With Component Trackers:

  • Search for an experiment
  • View which Pages, Events, Extensions, and Audiences are used in an active or paused experiment
  • Determine whether collaborators can safely archive components
  • Identify where experiments are running
  • Enhance governance and housekeeping processes
A win for cross-collaborative teams

Concurrent Editing

Working across teams can be frustrating: multiple people may be concurrently editing the same entity unknowingly which likely causes constant overwriting between users, thus working inefficiently with confusion. Luckily, Concurrent Editing will allow multiple people to edit a project simultaneously by informing active users in real-time.

A notice banner will appear to display which other collaborators are working within the same parts of an experiment, making  collaborators more confident when working live with their peers. Concurrent Editing will increase collaborators' experimentation velocity and allow them to save time.

With Concurrent Editing:

  • View areas where other collaborators are also editing to avoid conflicting changes
  • Prevent from overwriting other collaborators’ changes
A more efficient way of setting up experimentation

Metrics Templates

For customers with hundreds of events from numerous projects, it can be onerous to scroll through a large list in order to find the events in question without being able to sort results. Furthermore, requiring users to recreate the same metrics many times over slows experiment velocity and results in user frustration with the experiment set-up process. 

Metrics Templates will provide the ability to add, edit, and delete pre-configured metrics or events of an experiment, as well as create new pre-configured metrics from cross-project events. Collaborators will have more accurate test results, an increased number of metrics per test, an improved ability to understand the impact of visitor behavior, and a reduced burden of governance.

With Metrics Templates:

  • Search for metrics by name and description
  • Sort by project, event type, event, and created date 
  • Filter by status, project, or event type 
  • Create, edit, archive a metric 
  • Reuse a routine of set metrics across experiments
  • Reduce likelihood of human error
A seamless integration of Optimizely Web with GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Integration

GA4 is the new recommended version of Google Analytics. It helps businesses approach evolving measurement standards – i.e measure more user-centric data, deliver a strong analytics experience, predict new insights with machine learning, etc.

The previous versions of Google Analytics – Universal Analytics/Classic Analytics – are some of the most popular analytics tools in use today, but GA4's updated capabilities have been pushing customers to migrate. On July 1, 2023, GA4 will officially replace Google Universal Analytics. 

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