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Introducing Optimizely Journey Orchestration

Optimizely is the only platform to consolidate and understand all your customer data, apply a layer of sophisticated analytics to segment your audiences, and activate your data across any channel to personalize every engagement.


Key features of Optimizely Journey Orchestration

Activated customer data

Optimizely's CDP provides one centralized source of truth via Data Platform. With Journey Orchestration, leading brands activate their customer data to scale experiences for each customer across any channel. Systems are easily connected and work together by sharing a single view of the customer. That way, no matter how many touchpoints there are, the customer journey always feels relevant, offers are timely, and messaging is personalized.

Recipes library

Get started fast with a library of pre-built campaign templates to use as-is or customize. Recipes are proven campaigns ready to go out-of-the-box and equipped with no-code dynamic content. With the best practices covered, your team is free to create something amazing.

Predictive insights

Customer-centricity requires a deep understanding of behavior patterns, trends, and the ability to decipher connections between unrelated data. With Optimizely, customer analytics and predictive recommendations are always at your fingertips, allowing you to identify and engage with the true intent of your customers.

Omni-channel activations

Expand your brand's reach into new channels and maintain a consistent experience. Journey Orchestration makes it simple to design and launch omni-channel campaigns that inject relevance into every touchpoint across marketing, commerce and service. Optimizely's automated preference management and audience synching ensure messages are timely and carry the customer context.

Journey reporting

Optimizely analyzes your data from every source, looks for deep connections, and produces a personalized data model for your customers. Any source, data type and event  it is all fed into a self-learning model built for you. Then, measure campaign performance down to each touchpoint and adapt your strategy to align with KPIs.

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What customers love about Optimizely Journey Orchestration

Real-time insights for immediate action

With Optimizely, you’re not just looking at a dashboard. You have the view of your customers you’ve always wanted with the tools to identify and engage with the true intent of your customers.

Activate lifecycle marketing across channels

Personalize experiences for anonymous visitors, engineer repeat purchases, and curate perfect content to keep customers loyal. No matter where your customers interact with your brand, Optimizely gives you the ability to make it a continuous conversation.


Optimizely Journey Orchestration is an entirely new way to manage the customer journey by activating customer data across connected channels and systems with easy-to-use tools that tailor individual journeys for each customer based on real-time data and preferences in Optimizely Customer Data.

Optimizely Journey Orchestration is available as an add-on to Content Managment, Commerce, B2B Commerce, and Experimentation customers with Optimizely Customer Data.

Optimizely customers enjoy the fastest time to value in the industry. From each touchpoint to the big picture, Journey Orchestration makes launching omnichannel campaigns simple. With a unified view of the customer lifecycle and no-code tools to pull together entire experiences, marketers are empowered with speed and scale. Integrations are available with one-click connectors. Segments update with real-time relevance. To launch a campaign, simply select from the library of proven templates, or use visual tools to customize multi-touch flows. From end to end, you’re supported to launch campaigns and learn what’s working faster than ever.

Browse from our marketplace of over 50 one-click integrations with leading customer experience vendors. Plus, with Optimizely Connect Platform there is no limit to the number of applications you can integrate with via our library of API’s.

Because Journey Orchestration runs on integrated data collected in real-time from every customer ranging from unknown browsers to loyal fans, the experience is personalized to the individual with in-the-moment relevance across any channel you choose.

Journey Orchestration has revenue attribution, customer lifecycle analysis, and campaign performance dashboards ready to go out-of-the box for full-funnel analysis as soon as you launch your first campaign.

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