How FOX Tests Everything From Mobile, Web, to Living Room Devices

With the rise of online streaming platforms, networks have to innovate in order to engage their viewers. Fox Corporation, which produces and distributes content for FOX News, FOX Sports, Fox Entertainment and FOX Television Stations, turned to experimentation as a key driver for improving the performance of websites, mobile applications, and other digital entities such as Over-the-Top (OTT) devices.

In this webinar, Sara Miller and Paul Tongyoo will discuss how FOX Corporation tests and observes outcomes before implementing, while building a culture of experimentation.

Join us to learn:

  • How FOX tests experiences that optimize conversion rates of subscription services, engagement and retention.
  • FOX’s ongoing journey to find the right level of process for their Center of Excellence.
  • How FOX product and marketing teams work together using Optimizely to run experiments side by side.

Digital Change Agents - FOX

How FOX Tests Everything From Mobile, Web, to Living Room Devices
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Sara Miller

Director, Optimization and Digital StrategyFOX Corporation

Paul Tongyoo

Director, Product ManagementFOX Corporation

Mei Xin Luo

Strategic Customer Success ManagerOptimizely

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