[Digital Labs] Building a smarter tech stack with Optimizely & Contentsquare

Learn how to innovate confidently with a data driven tech stack

Watch MoneySuperMarket & American Express share how to innovate confidently with a data-driven tech stack

To better understand and serve your customers, your teams need tools and processes to help them run fast, adapt to change and make smarter, data-informed decisions. How do you build a great tech stack that will help you transform your business?

Join Optimizely and Contentsquare for the second edition of the Digital Labs event series on Building a Smarter Tech Stack – and learn how digital solutions can help your team to build and deliver better customer experience that drive growth.

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  • Get practical advice from leading companies like American Express ,Wunderman Thompson Commerce & MoneySuperMarket on how to create a highly engaging, profitable customer experience.
  • Learn how to assemble a smarter tech stack and drive growth faster.

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[Digital Labs] Building a smarter tech stack with Optimizely & Contentsquare

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Andrew Warne

Product Analytics ManagerMoneySuperMarket

A hands-on digital analytics leader with over 9 years’ experience delivering data solutions for over 25 leading brands across Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Fashion and QSR. Responsible for a department of 20+ data specialists supporting clients including Nestlé, KFC, Lego, Selfridges and British American Tobacco.

Chris Longman

Head of Customer Insight & ActivationWunderman Thompson Commerce


Laura has been working on American Express’ global app for almost two years, having scaled a new dining reservation feature to millions of Centurion & Platinum Card Members across the UK & US. Most recently she has been working on an information architecture re-design to help users better digitally self-serve. Experimentation has and will continue to be key in this global re-design to help the team make data-driven decisions iteratively.

Laura Kassapakis

Product ManagerAmerican Express


Thilo Richter leads Optimizely's product teams focused on building and improving the most advanced digital experience optimization platform in the world. In the past, he has led consulting teams advising enterprises on building high-velocity experimentation programs. He has built up Optimizely's capabilities in the field of editorial testing for media enterprises and helped publish research on success factors for impactful experimentation programs.

Thilo Richter

Global Head of Solution Architecture Optimizely


Andrew Taylor

Head of Solutions EngineeringContentsquare


Welcome & Housekeeping: Introduction by Optimizely (5 min)

Presentation: Building a smarter tech stack (15 min)
Andrew Warne, Money Super Market

Panel: Assembling a Future Proof Tech Stack (35 min)
Moderated by Chris Longman, Head of Customer Insight and Activation at Wonderman Thompson Commerce
- Andrew Warne, Money Super Market
- Thilo Richter, Global Head of Solutions Architecture, Optimizely

Q&A and Wrap Up of the event (5 min)