Pandemic Response: How Contact Centers Can Improve Customer Support and Reduce Costs During Shelter-in-Place

As the global pandemic drives a surge in demand for online services the companies that invest in new contact center models will create better customer experiences and retain more users.

In 2015 Sky, the UK's largest pay-TV broadcaster, began heavily investing in digital innovation for and their mobile app. They formed the Sky Digital Center of Excellence which was chartered with defining their digital vision moving forward. Central to that vision was to establish a data-driven culture where decision making was powered by reliable data and insight.

One of the first KPIs this team tracked was “digital leakage” when a customer using the site or app can’t do what they want and, in frustration, calls Sky’s contact center for customer support. The digital team experimented with new user experiences and was able to reduce leakage by 50%.

This early success sparked a wave of innovation by call agents and leadership:

“No one knows more about customers than our call agents, because they speak to them every single day. We always show the agents the tests that we’ve run and how they’ve impacted the customer experience. Agents are excited about coming to us with ideas now because they see how it all works. Everyone’s being brought on the journey.” -Simon Elsworth, Senior Experimentation Manager, Sky

Just a few years after starting this digital transformation Sky won the UK digital experience award for 2018. For contact centers and customer support teams that hope to evolve their approach during this unprecedented time there are key lessons from Sky’s experience that they can apply today.

Watch this on-demand keynote to learn:

  • How Sky was able to improve customer experience while reducing annual call center costs by seven figures.
  • How Sky transformed online help, but creating layers of experiments on their website
  • Why a center of excellence is was essential for scaling their program

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Pandemic Response: How Contact Centers Can Improve Customer Support and Reduce Costs During Shelter-in-Place
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