Frequently asked customer questions

We are excited to announce Optimizely has acquired Boston-based customer data platform (CDP) company, Zaius. The Zaius employees, partners and customers are now officially a part of the Optimizely family.

With the addition of Zaius, Optimizely furthers its commitment to helping you, our customers, unlock your digital potential – by seamlessly harmonizing, understanding and acting on all of your digital data in one platform.

  • Harmonize: Zaius adds 50 pre-built connectors apps to Optimizely’s DXP allowing all customers to create a unified view of their customer faster via one-click integrations and automated identity resolution with consent management
  • Understand: Zaius’s segmentation engine coupled with Optimizely’s behavioral data from experiments and transactional insights from its content and commerce platform provide new level of insight not seen before aided by AI/ML predictions out of the box
  • Act: Zaius includes 120+ pre-configured orchestration recipes that allow marketers to take the optimal action immediately based on the full context of digital performance now visible across the entire process from creation to optimization

Yes, we’ll execute a “like-for-like" swap of your existing Episerver (Optimizely) Insight/Visitor Intelligence/CDP product license for a new license in ODP. Learn more about this offer.

The acquisition supports Optimizely’s strategic goals by adding the customer context to our DXP, which currently lets you create and optimize. We will now provide a more complete offering to help you to harmonize, understand, and act on all your digital data. We believe that any modern DXP needs to have data on asset, data on behaviors, and data on customers. This acquisition will provide all three - and only with all three can you truly unlock the digital potential and maximize ROI.

Optimizely’s acquisition of Zaius will enable you to gather more context from your customers to further optimize digital experiences. It uniquely allows Optimizely (as part of its leading Digital Experience Platform) to harmonize your customer data that currently lives in silos, to understand and segment it in context of your customer’s behaviors and demographics, and to immediately act on the data through the tight connection (integration) to experience creation and optimization.

It will provide Optimizely with a best-in-class CDP solution, alongside the best-in-class digital experience platform. This will enable you to take advantage of unrivaled data capabilities. There is no other platform that supports data for assets, behaviors, and customers.

About Zaius

Zaius was founded in 2013 and today boasts roughly 50 employees and more than 250 customers, mainly based in North America. Zaius enables marketers to consolidate all of their data to understand their customers on a new level. With sophisticated analytics and insights, Zaius helps marketers activate their data by automating customer segmentation and delivering the ultimate buyer experience with personalized campaigns across any channel. Learn more at

Zaius is based in Boston, Massachusetts with a secondary presence in Leesburg, Virginia.