Out-experiment. Outperform.

Optimizely is the world’s leading experimentation platform, empowering marketing and product teams to test, learn and deploy winning digital experiences, every time.

Optimize your digital experiences and achieve
the greatest return on investment in SaaS.

Here’s why you partner with Optimizely.

Built for the enterprise

A single platform for both experimentation and personalization, where ideas, tests and results are easily prioritized and shared across teams

Best in class usability

Consumer-grade usability that lets you start anywhere, then rapidly scale up experiments and share data across your organization

Eliminate digital guesswork forever

Apply the scientific method and patented stats to see yields jump by 5x or more across all your digital products, commerce and campaigns

Only Optimizely lets you experiment across both Product and Marketing teams.

Here’s how it works:


True digital innovation starts with your employees and teams

They’re the people most passionate about your brand, campaigns and products. Enable their every idea for a true culture of innovation. Capture, govern and manage digital innovation across the enterprise. Dramatically improve the ROI of campaigns, landing pages, checkouts and overall conversion.

    How can we lower mobile cart abandonment?

    What if we try push notification reminders?

  • Customer Success Manager
    How do we drive larger basket size on Black Friday?

    Let's show promotions for related deals and products

  • VP of Marketing
    How can I increase new customer sign-ups?

    How about we show viewers some personalized messaging and content?


Easily test ideas on controlled segments of your traffic

Test headline ideas, images, CTA’s, colors, graphics, in-code pricing algorithms and more. Optimizely lets you control how many people see your experiments and then measures their responses by segment. And with our patented Stats Engine technology, you always get fast, trusted results. Make the switch to the scientific method today and start making business decisions with real data. No more guesswork.


Let the data determine your baseline, your winning ideas and the losers

Know the future impact of new offers, copy, CTA’s, performance improvements and more. Armed with the accuracy of Stats Engine, never again guess at which offers will work and which won’t. Just try them all. Accelerate campaign throughput while massively improving marketing ROI.


True digital innovation starts with your employees and teams

They’re the people most passionate about your brand, campaigns and products. Enable large scale ideation through a true culture of experimentation. Capture, govern and manage code-level experiments across the enterprise, for rapid innovation and controlled rollout of new product features.

    How can we improve the clickthrough rate on our search results?

    Let’s develop and test a new version of the algorithm that prioritizes price instead of popularity.

    How can we increase the speed and reliability of our checkout experience?

    Let’s gradually roll out the new payment system to ensure there’s no negative impact on user experience.

    How can we increase customer retention and lifetime value?

    Let’s iterate on our subscription plan types and price points.


Now test those new ideas in product, across devices, 
on just a small segment of your user base.

Start by testing new product features on a small percentage of your traffic, across every digital channel and device. Never again guess at new product features. Let user response decide which ideas win and which don’t. Instantly rollback changes that prove unpopular. Never again gamble on a product change without first knowing the data for its success or failure.

Enable rapid agility, low risk development and confident ROI, for today’s hyper-fast digital experience.


Accurate results let you reduce risk, fail fast, and only roll out winning ideas

Experiment deep into your stack to create exceptional customer experiences on everything from search results and promos to recommendations and payment structures. Prove the impact of new features, performance improvements, or backend changes before rolling out to everyone. Empower your product managers to control feature rollouts separately from code deployment.


Join 24 of the top Fortune 100 global businesses who depend on Optimizely every day to make smarter decisions

Media Company Utilizes
Optimization to Drive Key
Business Metrics

Discovery Communications uses Optimizely to improve their online visitor experience and drive revenue in two major ways – by optimizing video engagement and improving ad viewability.

Optimizes an Algorithmic Experience

StubHub uses Optimizely Full Stack to experiment deep in their product. By testing multiple iterations of their search engine algorithms, they were able to improve the conversion rate by 20% and increase revenue.

Validates Products Faster
with Experimentation

Blue Apron creates incredible experiences. Founded in 2012, Blue Apron is a consumer lifestyle brand that symbolizes a love of home cooking, excitement and discovery, and deep, meaningful human connections.

HP: an Experimentation
Center of Excellence

HP knows that increasing the pace of innovation for their campaigns will be essential to ensuring peak performance for various digital business units that have started doing experimentation.

Driving the fast-growing
UK fashion brand forward

Its innovative way of running the company as well as its ambitious digital strategy allowed Missguided to obtain a competitive advantage over other fashion retailers in a very short time.

Brooks Running Decreases Return Rate

For retailers, optimization is not just about increasing conversion rate or average order value. In fact, many retailers have realized that optimizing for more than conversion rate and AOV is essential to their business.